Venous Stasis Ulcers

Good morning Listers!!!

I have a question I was hoping one of our more surgical coders could help me with......

Can anyone explain to me why CPT 11042 LCD L34587 Wound Care doesn't include the diagnosis for venous stasis ulcers?? Every other type of ulcer is listed even varicose veins are listed. I thought there must be a clinical reason that particular type of ulcer is excluded??

What do you all think??

Carol J. Self, CPPM, CPC, EMT


  • Carol, did you notice there's additional pages of diagnoses in the LCD for CPT 11042? The I83.XXX codes are in there to describe the varicose veins with ulcer, along with the non-pressure chronic ulcer codes L97.XXX to describe further.


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    I am always interested in the clinical reasons for inclusion/exclusion of certain reasons for insurance plan coverage.

    I found this and believe it helped me to understand why venous stasis ulcer isn't on the list, but the real answer would come from the carrier who wrote the LCD.

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