tell about Testobase 100mg/2ml - Testosterone

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Dear gues, please, tell me everything you know about this ? maybe self expirience


  • This is an injectable drug containing testosterone (without esters) in a watery solution. Testosterone is often classified as the most potent injectable steroid because of its instantaneous action. It provides an incredibly fast set of muscle mass and strength. Testosterone begins penetration into the bloodstream immediately after the injection, which makes its effect immediately apparent. You can buy in on the with the minimal prize. They will deliver it to you from the East Europe. I like this site cause all of the products there are original. The consultants will give you answers on all questions you want. Don’t be afraid of buying this drug . It’s really very effective for beginners and for professional sportsmen. I feel its effect on myself. I don’t know about women, but for men it is one of the best steroids ever.

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