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Thoughts on documenting the Synvisc One. From a compliance perspective, I believe all units of any drug should be documented. This drug has a unit base of 48. Would you accept a procedure note that only states the brand name and not the units given? We have trained our providers for years to document the amounts in every procedure note.

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  • I recommend always to note the dosage and in some cases the manufacturer of the drug in the case of a recall.

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  • ALWAYS document the units, even if it’s obvious to the MD and staff that it will always be 48. We were audited by Blue Cross and it was not a fun time. It was their contention that our Synvisc One injections (among other similar injections) were not adequately documented. Now we audit every chart note on the front end, and if the mgs are not documented, we have the MD dictate an addendum.


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  • Thank you for the answers Maxine and Beth. Much appreciated.

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