hello everyone,
I am a new student in the coding field, I am a little confused when I need to add a modifier, I have to code this question and don't quite understand where I should begin to look. I am thinking it's a fine needle aspiration, without imaging, but would I add a modifier?


  • I forgot to add the question.
    Local anesthesia was injected using 1 percent lidocaine with epinephrine 1.5 cc. Incision was made along the post auricular sulcus through the drainage point with retraction applied. A 3.0-cm sebaceous cyst was evident, and it was drained. A small bandage was placed over the incision and drainage site.
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    Go back and read what was done again. Where is a needle mentioned? If so, in what context? (hint, local anesthesia is included in whatever procedure was done)
    I think you need to go back to your CPT book and see if there is a better option than FNA. The code you need is probably on the same page.
    Also, why do you think the procedure might need a modifier? Look at the list of modifiers and see if any of them sound appropriate to what you've described.

  • Hi! I'm a medical student in the first year and also I'm a newbie here. It's so interesting to read your comments. I realize more and more that I'm a practitioner who has to learn too much theory. And also do writing at college even though I am not good at writing at all. That's why I've decided to use helping me with writing assignments to free my time for more practice and more deep insight into medicine and coding, in particular. But I'm still so inexperienced and unsure of myself.

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