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  • I agree with your first question. In order to bill the diagnosis for an OV, I expect to see a discussion. If it is only linked to a lab I only tie it to the lab. Unless it's a new diagnosis, then I ask the doctor to clarify where the diagnosis orig…
    in HCC Coding Comment by Cathy August 2017
  • Is there anyone out there?? I'm having a problem again where our doctors have been advised to use Z72.89 for patients born between 1945 and 1965 because all of the lab software are set up to only allow those 2 codes.
  • I found out some more information, it turns out the outside lab is not converting the Hep C lab to the screening code of G0472 because Z11.59 is currently listed as noncovered. They state Medicare is not adding that code until October 2017 and it is…
  • I have recently been told by my A/R reps that we (actually, the outside lab that bills the Hep C test) is getting denials from our Medicare with the Z11.59. We are doing ours based on the year of birth, so the high risk factor does not apply. The …
  • Established...has nothing to do with insurance Cathy Satkus, CPC Harvard Family Physicians Tulsa, OK 918-743-8200
  • Which vaccine are you giving? If it's the high dose there is 90662 or if Flu Ad the code is 90653 The codes all depend on which vaccine they are getting. Cathy Satkus, CPC Harvard Family Physicians Tulsa, OK 918-743-8200
    in FLU VAC Comment by Cathy March 2017
  • It is Family Practice. I had advised the physician to not depend on the DATA reviewed section to meet the level 5's, that medical necessity should be a factor. In order to remain professional, I won't describe how I have been treated since that…
  • I agree with the guidelines you attached. If information was omitted or clarification was needed, I'm all for it. When the doctor has been provided the guidelines and the requirements for the ROS and EXAM have been provided for a 99215, but the doct…
  • Thanks for everyone's input. Maxine, we use an EHR so it's very easy to see when the chart was amended and what was changed. It's almost like a beacon! Don, do you still think it's OK for notes to be added to meet the level 5 if the elements l…
  • We have been billing for it. We put a CCM team in place and created a special schedule for CCM. We have had some insurance companies that require authorizations for the service. The patients have been very happy with it. We did find a secondary i…
  • Karen, our local Medicaid (Oklahoma) is switching to the individual billing of OB visits effective 9/1/16, and one of our major concerns is how we are going to deal with the secondary Medicaid claims where they expect us to go back and "fix" the cha…
  • Thank you Jan! Cathy Satkus, CPC Harvard Family Physicians 918-743-8200
    in 58662? Comment by Cathy July 2016
  • Thank you Jan and Lori! Cathy Satkus, CPC Harvard Family Physicians 918-743-8200