HCC Risk Coding and Claim limitations

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We are focusing on HCC risk coding on our Medicare and MA populations this year (as many are) and are struggling with the limitation of only 4 diagnosis codes going to the claim. Has anyone found a way to overcome this struggle and how are you doing this to get all of the encounter diagnosis to the claim/bill?

Thank you for your help!

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  • The electronic 837P file has up to 12 d/x codes you can populate. We use EPIC PB PM system and use Emdeon as our clearinghouse and ALL the diagnosis codes are being transmitted and received by the payers.

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  • Beth,
    Does your practice use a computer system claims electronically with more than 4 dx? Or do you use a clearinghouse that will capture more than 4 dx? We have a computer system that allows us to bill electronically up to 12 dx. Or is a problem with one line item only allowing you to submit 4?

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    The best way to understand this is to look at the paper CMS1500 form.

    12 diagnoses *per claim* (and claims can split for one date of service if
    more than one location is needed to bill properly)

    Up to 4 diagnosis pointers per line item.

    Up to 6 line items per claim.

    I have found software design can behoove the understanding on what can be
    recorded and transmitted.

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