CGS Routine foot care L84 callus

CGS Ohio policy L34246 has diagnosis codes with an asterisk for systemic condition. For these we must supply the attending phys NPI and last date seen for this condition. This makes sense for dx such as DM w neuropathy etc. If this information is missing the claim will deny as unprocessable.

This same policy lists 11055 11056 w dx L84 callus with an asterisk *. L84 is not a systemic condition. How can we list an attending when there is typically no one. The only one treating the callus is the podiatrist. These are typicaily pt's that do not have another systemic condition. Even if we will bill with GZ or GA for the ABN, it will still deny as unprocessable.

How do you handle this scenario?

Also Noridian L34199, National L33636 and Wisconsin L36404 all look like they do not require this same information.

Thank you
Yvette Hofmeister, CPC
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