CPT 1120 & 11300-thoughts please

Based on this note from the provider, would you code this 11200 & 11300? Any and all thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Skin: Ulcer finance for a seborrheic keratosis nodule upper back region.  Irritated from clothing rubbing up against it.  Red and irritated this is 0.5 x 0.5 cm, multiple skin tags on right adnexal region syrup 0.25 cm's and 3 skin tag

Skin nodule
Shave, cutaneous
Skin tags shaved

Diagnoses and all orders for this visit: Irritation of nodule and skin tags in the left necks left neck region.  0.12 cm's
Preoperative diagnostic impression: irritated benign skin lesion, tag and seborrheic keratosis.
Biopsy site: back, neck and upper arm
Description of lesion: skin tag irritated, 0.12 x 0.12
Size of the extracted lesion:  .5 Centimeter skin nodule.
Informed consent obtained: YES
Preparation: cleansed with chlorhexadine gluconate
Local anesthesia: Lidocaine 2% without epinephrine  
Amount: 0.5 cc  without added sodium bicarbonate

Description of procedure:   
A superficial shave biopsy was performed using Dermablade  
Widest diameter of biopsy: 0.25 mm      
Hemostasis was obtained by silver nitrate.
Antibiotic dressing applied followed by Band-aid. Wound care instructions provided.  Be alert for any signs of cutaneous infection.  The specimen was labeled and sent to pathology for evaluation.  The procedure was well tolerated without complications.

Skin nodule removal 0.5 x 0.5 on the upper back region.  Sterile technique applied.  Removal through shave biopsy.  Silver nitrate for cautery.
Thank you
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