Recoupment of payment (Insurance Companies)

Does anyone know the time limits and/or restrictions for insurance companies recoupment of payments? I am noticing United Healthcare and a few other insurance companies recouping payments from claims that are seven plus years old. Where can I find this information?

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  • State and federal laws may vary.
    I understand that CMS has 3 years from date of service to demand refunds.
    Commercial contracts may provide for a longer term, but 4 years is not
    Individual payer contracts may have other wording.
    I would check with your state Insurance Commissioner for non-CMS insurances.
    I'll try to find the CMS limitation next.
    Stand by.
    Bob O.

  • It depends on your state I know in CT it is 5 years!!!

    Although I only have a year for Medicare and much less to get my claim into the payers! I have a list by state somewhere I will try to locate it for you.

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  • I wish we had the same amount of time for appeals. The rules are so unfair.

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    Of course, the contract doesnt matter if its an ERISA claim.

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