Charging for FMLA forms

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I am just wondering if anyone charges for FMLA forms when the patient drops them off and wants the provider to fill them out? These forms are usually multiple pages and takes the provider at least 15 minutes to fill out. It doesn't seem right not to charge. Just curious what others think.

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Angela Gottbreht, CPC, CMC


  • We charge $20 for forms.

    Lisa Blodgett, CPC
    Liberty Orthopedics

  • Thank you Lisa,

    I appreciate your input. Have a good day.

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    Yes because we have so many due to our type of practice. We have one designated individual that does the forms and they keep her busy!

    Jennifer McDonnough
    Billing Manager 
    618-242-3778 X 7152

  • We charge a clerical fee.

    Christie Thomas CPC
    403 Woodland Hills Blvd
    Fort Scott, Kansas 66701
    620-223-8040 ext 4161

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  • We charge $10.00 for 1-2 pages and anything over 3 pages is $20.00.

  • Thanks guys! That is very helpful. Have a good day!

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    Our office charges $15.00 for the form if not present at the time of the visit.

    I am wondering if you post the charge in the waiting room.


    Carrie L. Klein, RN, BSN, MBA Shore Primary Care, P.C. l Practice Administrator l 732-774-2336

  • Thank you everyone! That is a big help.

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