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Does Medicare retro the activation date on contracts or do we have to wait until we get the ok date from Medicare?

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    Yes Medicare will retro the start date to the date the physician started seeing patients. We hold our claims until we receive the number and at that point release the claims.


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  • Medicare will go back 30 days from the activation date.

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    For PECOS applications, you provide a start date that is no more than 30
    days from the date of the PECOS entry date.

    So, when hiring new physicians or other credentialed providers, it is best
    to not schedule Medicare patients until all credentialing requirements are
    in and you are ready for the entry process.

    Hold the claims until the approval is complete. It can take Provider
    Enrollment up to 120 days to complete, and sometimes more, depending on the
    volume in their department.

    In essence, it can be up to 150 days before a new provider sees payment from
    Medicare for their patient encounters.

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