SNF Readmission


I was asked the question below. I think they can bill an initial again if the patient is readmitted after a hospital stay, but I'm not positive. Can anyone help me find the answer? Thanks!

"Dr. xxxx was asking what are the guidelines for billing for a readmission on a patient that goes out from the nursing facility, but there is a 14 day bed hold for when they return. They do a new H&P since the patient is coming back from an acute hospital stay, but should they bill this as an H&P or as a subsequent visit. It is not technically a new admission. Are there guidelines on the number of days a patient needs to be out of the facility before a new H&P should be billed?"


  • My understanding is they can bill initial NF care if there has been a significant change in the plan of care. Remember though is requires nothing less than a detailed hx, detailed exam. I find they seem to skimp on on the hx and exam.

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