TCM 30 Day Service

CMS requirements for TCM 30 day service consist of:

*Interactive contact (contact within 2 business days of discharge)

*Certain non-face-to-face services

*A face-to-face visit

Currently our group requires a 30 day phone call to fulfill the certain non-face-to-face service requirement. However, guidelines also state that this may not be required if it is determined that the non-face-to-face services are not medically indicated or needed.

My question is how do other practices fulfill this requirement and is there risk by not performing the 30 day follow-up non-face-to-face service?


  • Hi, Can someone fill me in on the proposed change regarding the date of service and the 30 day issue? I read some stuff but it just sort of confused me!

    Karyn Cardenas-Foray, CPC, CPMA ,CHCA, CEMC,CIMC,CSEMC
    Government Reimbursement Analyst-Sharp Health Care
    PFS-CCD 3rd Floor

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