PCP noted pregnancy but flowsheet not started until after the PCP visit

My office has PCP's and OB/GYN doctors. We have a patient that saw her PCP on 11/2/16 and PCP noted normal pregnancy except for HTN and then she also discusses calf pain.
However the patient doesn't see the OB/GYN doctor in our group until 11/16/16 to confirm her pregnancy and then the first OB visit/start of prental flow sheet is set for 11/28/16.
Can we use the pregnancy O codes on the PCP visit on 11/2/16 even though we are going to bill out the confirmation code Z32.01 on 11/16/16 with the specialist? i.e. do we bill the O code for the pre-existing HTN with pregnancy or do we just bill out I10?

Thank you!

Cathy Satkus, CPC
Harvard Family Physicians
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