Can anyone find 4 HPI?

Pt evaluated today for carotid stenosis. Seen at request of PCP. on eval, pt found to have a right cervical bruit. He underwent a carotid duplex US which showed a 16-49% cross-sectional area stenosis of bilateral internal carotid arteries. Bilaterally the degree of narrowing was closer to the 16% level. There is antegrade bilateral vertebral artery flow. There are no prior studies for comparison. The pt denies any history of TIA or prior CVA or amaurosis fugax.


  • Location, context, severity??

    Karyn Cardenas-Foray, CPC, CPMA ,CHCA, CEMC,CIMC,CSEMC
    Government Reimbursement Analyst-Sharp Health Care
    PFS-CCD 3rd Floor

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    Location - carotid artery
    Context - found on eval to have bruit, sent for US
    Severity - 16-49%
    Assoc. Signs/Symptoms - pt denies....

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