Alternative method of billing clients

Anyone out there have another method of charging a customer other than by
percentage basis?

Would LOVE feedback


Josh Wolf
Vital Physician Services


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    The answer is going to be very subjective, based on the client and the services you provide.

    I offer my clients 2 methods – one is a percentage of collections, the other is a flat rate after I have 12 months of data *and* if they have followed my suggestions during that same time period (or brought me better solutions).

    If the client is difficult to handle, I don’t offer the flat rate (because I apply a discount). It has been rare for me to have a difficult billing client as most of them have come to my agency referred by another physician, so they know what to expect. However, high office turnover increases my costs – and if management of the client’s office isn’t doing well, they aren’t offered the flat rate. Most of my clients go with the flat rate, except for one. They continue to hold out, paying more in the long run.

    So, the amount I charge on percentage is based on specialty, and after 12 months review for a flat rate fee.

    This question comes to the forefront every year during what I call ‘the black hole’ – mid-February to the end of March. When charging based on a percentage, our billing revenue plummets – which in turn, affects my invoice to my client. With Obamacare and high deductibles, we now wait longer for account resolution if the patient does not have an HSA.

    The client on the flat rate pays the amount during their low revenue times but for the rest of the year, the flat rate is less than what they would pay on a percentage.

    I hope this helps,

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  • Josh;

    In my case, I charge by project (type of application and volume).

    I primarily focus on Health Plan Enrollment to include TIN set up so it really depends on the project type that I'll be working on.


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