Diagnosis question booking vs.test results - MRI at Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility

If a referring physician provides a booking diagnosis of torn meniscus, stroke etc. and after MRI (IDTF) is performed the radiologist does not find evidence of torn meniscus or stroke etc. can the MRI facility bill with the booking diagnosis?

If patient verbally provides diagnosis, can the MRI (IDTF)bill with the diagnosis provided by the patient if not documented by the referring or not found by the radiologist?

If referring physician provides verbal dx or symptoms, can the MRI (IDTF) bill with verbal dx or symptoms?

If MRI (IDTF) uses a software that checks medical necessity and the dx used for medical necessity passes as a payable dx but when the MRI was done the radiologist did not find any evidence of the booking dx, can the MRI facility bill with the booking dx that passed medical necessity, even if there were no findings of that dx?

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