Medicare Advantage plan records requests: Too much?


I don't know how many of you were on the CMS provider call this week, but when they mentioned an audit of Medicare Advantage files for ACA purposes, it seemed everyone who spoke up on the call complained about the records requests they were already getting from their MA plans - describing the requests as excessive and time-consuming.

I was surprised. Do Medicare Advantage payers really make large numbers of record requests for audits and whatnot? Are they that big of a nuisance?


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  • Yes and yes!

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    Yes especially United Medicare

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  • Interesting.

    I’ve had ZERO requests for records from Medicare Advantage Plans since their inception (how many years has that been?).

    So, to put that comment in perspective
  • Yes It is almost an additional FTE to keep up with all the requests for HEDIS and the MC Risk.

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  • Can you charge for the medical records if you release them in paper form?

  • We receive several hundred requests at a time (we are a very large group of facilities and physician practices). We have had to hire an outside vendor to assist, and like most outside vendors, they are doing a poor job (leaving out crucial records, etc.)



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    We had a terrible time with the united healthcare medicare advantage plans
    and aarp mc complete. We had our physician on a call with their medical
    director among other pertinent uhc staff to discuss the requests. We had
    been placed on an audit list and every single 99223 we billed (which was
    frequently) they asked for records then subsequently denied the line item.
    Turns out, they were using the incorrect guidelines and inexperienced
    people who didn't understand the note in order to approve the claim. It was
    a year long nightmare which included countless appeals, weekly phone calls
    with our rep and reps supervisor, and multiple faxed complaints to medicare
    for their incorrect processing and late payments.

    I believe this for sure.

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    YES AND YES! Staff time, printer time, paper and toner, faxing or postage

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    Yes, our office manager spends most of the day doing records requests. It is never ending.
    P. Dobbs RN

  • Yes, we are too and are receiving numerous requests

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    We also receive many such requests. While we are on an EMR, we have not attested nor do we participate in MACRA. We do however have many patients from around the country who see us once or twice while they are visiting. At the beginning of each year (and sometimes throughout the year) we receive records requests on these patients which are time consuming and expensive to respond to. Between the Medicare Advantage requests and the HEDIS requests, it is quite burdensome.

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