EncoderPro and SelectCoder

Has anyone on here had the opportunity to experience both EncoderPro and SelectCoder? Do you prefer one over the other? Please list a few Pro's and Con's to each.

I had an employee who just returned from Healthcon where she got to watch a demo on SelectCoder and thought it was great but would like a review from someone who is actually utilizing SelectCoder.


  • I have encoder pro and was thinking of changing to select coder. I
    discovered that decision health has been bought and it was difficult to get
    help when calling for customer service. I do like the select coder better
    than encoder pro except that select coder does not have the physician
    compliance edit checker which I use all the time.

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    Several great changes being made to Select Coder. The information about the code is more robust and overall more accurate. Definitely prefer Select Coder.

    Not sure what you are referring to for "compliance checker"

    Ruby Woodward
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    I use Encoder pro and am not particularly impressed. Difficult to access
    LCDs and NCDs at time-
    I have not used select coder. I use another Optum system and find Optum
    slow to fix issues.

    Sharon Cohen

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