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Does anyone have any reliable sources for assistant surgeon requirements? I am not asking about the billing, modifiers, documentation or teaching hospital rules but from a compliance stand point, does the assisting surgeon have to be of the same specialty or subspecialty as the primary surgeon? What are the qualifications or requirements for the surgeon who is assisting in a procedure?

Here is the situation:

Can a Urological Surgeon performing a Robotic Nephrectomy have an assistant surgeon who is an OBGYN/oncology surgeon?

An OBGYN surgeon routinely performs robotic surgeries but within the scope of his or her specialty. A Nephrectomy procedure would fall outside his scope and privileges but he is assisting the primary surgeon, not performing the procedure.


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    My advice is to check with your malpractice carrier. They have attorneys who will talk to you and unlike any advice you get from the listserv from us non attorneys - their advice will be accurate. Good luck.

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