Chordee repair with Dartos flap

The more I look at all the codes for this, the more confused I become! Patient is 5 yr old with chordee, and physician documents: The phallus was degloved at the level of Buck's fascia back to the penoscrotal and penopubic junction. Chordee tissue was excised. I then tacked the the dermis of the penopubic junction to the corporal body with 4-0 PDS just lateral to the neurovascular bundle. I then split the dorsal prepuce in the midline back to the level of the coronla sulcus. I swung the dartos flap of skin to gain coverage of the ventral shaft deficit. Circumcision completed. The penile shaft was anastomosed to the coronal epithelium with 6-0 palin gut in a subcuticular manner.

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