Do you communicate with patients via secure messaging?

A paper came out recently about provider patient encounters via secure messaging -- not telehealth visits, but just fielding patient questions via patient portal or messaging apps. (They call these "e-visits" in the paper but they don't fit the usual definition; I spoke to the lead author and he said the providers don't charge for these visits.)

Press release is here:

They found that instead of reducing the number of regular patient visits, these messaging encounters seemed to increase the number of visits they got.

Have you or your providers done these kind of encounters? Do they seem to help or make care more efficient or get a good reaction from patients? What do you do that works?

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  • We do communicate with patients via secure messaging. Our EMR system provides secure HIPAA compliant software through a patient portal within the EMR system itself that is internet-based. It does get a lot of good feedback from patients.

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