Waiting on the 2020 Medicare physician fee schedule

After the final 2020 Medicare physician fee schedule dropped off the OMB dashboard, medical practice professionals are anticipating its release - which Part B News predicts will occur Friday, Nov. 1. Stay tuned here for the latest updates.

As a recap of what's at stake, here's a link to coverage of the proposed 2020 fee schedule:


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    Update: The final 2020 Medicare physician fee schedule dropped Nov. 1, as expected. Here's a quick recap of some significant changes coming your way in 2020:

    The vast reshaping of E/M documentation standards and payment changes took a significant step closer to reality as CMS put a stamp of approval on its previous proposals to overhaul how medical practices report office and outpatient E/M services in 2021.

    Next year many providers will see a modest boost to the conversion factor that, along with relative value units (RVUs), dictates pay rates across all services in the Medicare physician fee schedule. The conversion factor will rise to 36.0896 in 2020, which CMS previously proposed, from 36.0391 in 2019, according to the final fee schedule. However, the anesthesia conversion factor will decrease to 22.2016 in 2020 from 22.2730 this year. That’s a drop from the proposed anesthesia conversion factor of 22.2774.

    LINIK: https://pbn.decisionhealth.com/Blogs/Detail.aspx?id=200833

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