hello everyone,
I am a new student in the coding field, I am a little confused when I need to add a modifier, I have to code this question and don't quite understand where I should begin to look. I am thinking it's a fine needle aspiration, without imaging, but would I add a modifier?


  • I forgot to add the question.
    Local anesthesia was injected using 1 percent lidocaine with epinephrine 1.5 cc. Incision was made along the post auricular sulcus through the drainage point with retraction applied. A 3.0-cm sebaceous cyst was evident, and it was drained. A small bandage was placed over the incision and drainage site.
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    Go back and read what was done again. Where is a needle mentioned? If so, in what context? (hint, local anesthesia is included in whatever procedure was done)
    I think you need to go back to your CPT book and see if there is a better option than FNA. The code you need is probably on the same page.
    Also, why do you think the procedure might need a modifier? Look at the list of modifiers and see if any of them sound appropriate to what you've described.

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