When can admission be billed?

MD sees pt on 6/11 at 1130pm & writes his H&P.
MD writes orders (including admit order) on 6/12 just after midnight.

Can we bill the admission
6/11 when pt was seen OR
6/12 have to wait until order is written

Would response differ based on insurance?



  • That is a good question.
    The service should be billed when the doc and the patient are F-T-F even if it is in the OR. Does it make any difference since the patient is seen in the OR- post op care?
    Remember there is no code for admission- the range of 99221-99223 state initial hospital care; so the doctor must use the place of service 21 inpatient hospital if he is going to use those codes.
    I have seen where there may be several hours from the time the provider wants to admit the patient that the patient is actually admitted on the hospital's roster even though the midnight rules is in effect.

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