MD using an NP's doucmentaion as his own

I am trying to find something that will let us know whether it is ok for an MD to take over an NP's documentation as his own. I am not talking about shared/Split billing. If the NP goes in to see the patient (as inpatient in the hospital) and does an History and exam and then the MD comes in later does the complete exam but edits the NP's progress note, adding what he (MD) did and his assessment and signs the note as his own and bills the E/M. IS this acceptable by Medicare? The NP does not submit a charge.


  • we don't allow it. we have a strict policy that 2 authors can not be in the same note unless it is a split shared service in which we provide a specific template for the doctors to use (in ambulatory setting for our Article 28 practices). If this is the office setting you may be able to use incident to guidelines in which the NP does the whole note and bills under the MD. Hope this helps..

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