ICD-10 decimal

A coworker is telling me that payers don't want the decimal with ICD-10


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    My claims have been going fine with decimals since the beginning.

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    Contact your software vendor. They will be the experts on what your software requires and transmits, in addition to what your carriers want.

    Sometimes software is designed to accommodate the user's comfort/habits - other times not.

    Your coworker isn't the source for the right information.

    Good luck,

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    Depends on payer and software and PM system

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    Also depends on how you submit your claims. If you are sending electronic claims using the ANSI 5010 format, it automatically strips out the decimals as well as other formatting characters. If not your clearing house may be taking them out before sending to the payers.


  • As others have said, it will depend. For example, Noridian says no:

    Q8. When submitting an ICD-10 code on a claim, is it appropriate to include the decimal point?

    A8. No. Do not include a decimal point when billing an ICD-10 code.
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